What is Purchasing service?

Purchasing service is the core service M-BA.cc ( My Business Assistant ), We purchase goods in China according to the customer's instructions. By comparing the prices of several merchants, you can get the prices of the goods you like very quickly. We also provide purchasing advice, quality inspection, warehousing, delivery and other comprehensive services to ensure that you receive satisfactory goods. Using our purchasing service will be easier than purchasing and transferring goods yourself.

Purchasing service process

  • 1. Select the goods you want to buy from www.1688.com
  • 2. Submit the purchase order to us
  • 3. We will confirm your order within 24 hours
  • 4. Payment for goods ( Accept Naira, USDT, USD, Euro, GBP, HKD, etc. )
  • 5. Inspection and warehousing
  • 6. Payment of international transportation freight
  • 7. International transportation
  • 8. Receiving

Three things to know before purchasing for the first time

Service scope

M-BA.cc ( My Business Assistant ) provides purchasing service for the products of the designated third party platform, but does not bear the risk of the third party platform goods.

Shopping expenses

Shopping is divided into two stages: purchasing on behalf of others and sending goods, with two payments. The first time is the cost of goods and services, the second is the cost of sending international logistics.

Logistics risk

The goods purchased on behalf of others are carried by third-party logistics providers, which are restricted by customs policies and may have logistics risks, which need to be assessed and borne by themselves.

Why choose M-BA.cc purchasing service

1. China has a wide range of goods, not only good quality, but also high cost performance. As long as you know what you want to buy, we can help you buy, and provide one-stop purchasing, warehousing, quality inspection and overseas delivery programs.

2. Provide more quality, fast and low-cost international logistics carriers to provide you with safe and fast transportation services.

3. Professional customer service, one-on-one to provide service and answer questions for you.

4. Transparent and reasonable charging rules can avoid unnecessary expenses for you.